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Veronika Jež was the first in our family who provided accommodation for tourists. The first preserved guest book of the Stoglej farm dates back to 1964 but guests were staying here at least thirty years before that. Our ancestor's primary income came from keeping cattle but around year 1934 Veronika started to welcome guests on the farm to earn some money. In the beginning the guests only stayed a night and the next morning they went to the mountains. Veronika was a great cook, so she offered them food and that is how the story started. The first regular guests were Serbian military officials and Vienneses according to Jožica and Peter, children of Veronika, who later on took over the farm and continued the tradition. Some of our guests are returning every year for twenty, thirty and also fourty years. Why? They say because of the peaceful surroundings, beautiful nature and amazing food. In the year 2007 we moved the kitchen and dining room to the new house and gained more space for guest rooms. Currently the farm is managed by Milena and Tomaž, the third generation. Their children are already learning so when the time comes they will be prepared to take over and continue with the work of their great grandparents, grandparents and parents in the best way possible.

Turistična kmetija Stoglej

Podveža 3
3334 Luče


Tel: 00386 3 838 40 31

Mob: 00386 31 494 196


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